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Uncle Jones Natural Hair Pomade 4oz.

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4 oz.
Uncle Jones Natural Pomade Made With Canadian Beez Wax, hemp seed butter, essential oils Promotes Strong Vibrant Hair Growth, use daily for beneficial effect. Condition itchy dry scalp no heavy residue or artificial Ingredients, All Natural. Grows Hair Thick & Fast Quickly, a little goes a long way apply as needed.

How to use:
Use Uncle Jones Natural Pomade after Haircuts, Showers, or before you go to sleep. Apply a small amount to palm and rub continuously until the pomade starts to warm. Then Apply to head if desired tie hair down for styling and maintenance. This method works great with Du-Rags, or Hair Wraps helps keep hair in place while you sleep promotes deep luscious 360, 720, 540 wave pattern when this method is applied. GROWS HAIR FAST!!!


Infused with natural botanical essential oils, Indian beeswax, hemp seed butter, vitamin B.1, B.2, B.3, C, D, & E, omega 3-6 fatty acid.

1 comment

2018-03-21 21:27:37
It really works WOW. Applied just a small amount for about a week. Already see the results. Thanks
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