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Wave Hair Care Products
Scorpion 360 Wave Butter | Hair Pomade

Scorpion 360 Fat-Lace Durags

Scorpion 360 Fat-Lace DU-Rags Sets

Electric Plaid Fat-Lace Du-Rag

Electric Plaid & Rust Reversible Fat-Lace Du-Rag Set

Silk & Cotton Extreme Compression Wave Caps

Scorpion 360 Reversible Wave Cap

Florida Orange Silk on Silk Fat-Lace Du-Rag Set
Florida Orange Fat-Lace Du-Rag Set

Shop King Scorpion 360 Custom Made Designer Wave Brush, Du-Rags, Wave Hair Care, Scorpion 360 Wave Butter
Clothing & Accessories and More

Engineered for Extreme Hair Brushing I’ve Added The Leather on The Handle For Style But Also For Comfort While You Brush. A Wider Base Area That Covers Desire Bushing Area.

New Wide Mouth Leather Grip Hard Tight Long Handle Wave Brush

Use Scorpion 360 Compression Du-Rags To Get Your 360 Waves Fast Compresses Hair For A More Defined Wave Pattern.

Easy to use stylish fat-lace shark tail design use King Scorpion 360 Compression Du-Rag after a haircut or brush session.

Fat-Lace Reversible Du-Rag/ Durag/ Doorag

Hard Tight 540 Wave Brush, Hard Tight 360 Wave Brush, King Scorpion Hard Wave Brush, King Wave Brush

Hard Tight Wave Brush Was Designed for The Novice, Collector Alike Will Manage Stubborn Hair Made For Advance Wavers'.

The Hard Tight Wave Brush Was Designer for Thicker Wider Waves Made For Thicker 360 Hair Types.

Hard-Tight Wide Mouth 540 Wave Brush
King Scorpion 360 Wolfman Beanie

Scorpion 360 Wolfman Beanie is great for you if you’re wolfing, a term used by wavers to describe growing their hair out to achieve waves. The New Scorpion 360 Wolfman Beanie has a tight stretch, just enough room at the top for thicker or longer hair.

Slide it on on the way to a game versatile Scorpion 360 Wolfman Beanies could be worn as a skull cap, something to break the chill, not recommended for colder climates.

Or in the evening while you rest. We recommend this beanie if you’re growing out your hair for waves.

Wolfman Beanie

Wave Care Products

Medium Soft Wide Mouth Club Wave Brush

The Purpose Of A Wider Bristle Area Is Complete Wave Coverage. The Blood Circulation When Brushing, Made With 60% More Boar Bristles For A Wider Wave Pattern Development, Great on 540’s Excellent For All Wave Pattern Types King Scorpion Wide Mouth Club Wave Brush Was Designed For Waves on Head & Beards.

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