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How Long Does It Take To Get 360 Waves? Try This Method....

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How Long Does It Take To Get Waves? let’s Say From One Through Five 5 Being Coarse & 1 Thin And Curly.

If You Are Starting From Scratch And Have Hair Type One, Thin Curly Hair, It Should Be Easier For You To Get 360 Waves, Between 3-7 Days. If Your Hair Type Is More 5ish Like Myself Try A Hair Pomade. It Wouldn’t Hurt If You Use Both Pomade & Lotion Combined.

Take Into Account Hair Lenght Will Be A Major Factor It’s Best To Begin From A Shorter Hair Style or After A Haircut. For Best Results
The Time it Takes May Vary Depending on Your Hair Type, Thin Hair or Curly Thin hair May Vary.

Also Depending On How Long You Plan to Brush Your Hair And What You Put In Your Hair That Will Play A Major Role In Getting 360 Waves And Maintaining Them.
Thin Hair Lays Down Easier Add Pink Moisturizer Lotion A Brush Session And The Hot Towel Method For About Two Weeks You Should Notice A Big Difference In Growth And Wave Pattern Definition.

Don’t Forget That Brushing Your Hair Is A Significant Factor And It Helps To Stimulate The Follicles Promoting Healthy Hair Growth.
If You Have Coarse Hair Number You Might Want to Try Another Method. When I Started, I Tried The Pink Moisturizer It Did Not Work For Me. I Have Thick Black Coarse Hair, and Wax Pomade Seems To Work For Me Better.<br />E-commerce Sale Terminal <br />Harper Woods, Mi, 48225<br />
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