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How long does it takes to get 360 waves?

It depends let say from 1 to 5 5 being coarse and one is thin and curly. If you are starting from scratch and have thin curly hair, it should be easier for you to get waves. It depends on how long you brush your hair and what you put in it.

Thin Hair Lays Down easier add pink moisturizer lotion a brush session and the hot towel method for about two weeks you should notice a big difference in growth and wave pattern definition.

Don't forget that Brushing your hair is a significant factor and it helps to stimulate the follicles promoting healthy hair growth.

If you have coarse hair number 5 which I do, you might want to try another method. When I started, I tried the pink moisturizer it did not work for me. I have Thick Black Coarse Hair, and Wax Seems to work for me better.

If you have Thick, coarse hair try using a thicker pomade Hard and hard Hair Brush. Brush in the desired pattern. I only use Uncle Jones Pomade Its 80% Candian Indian Beez Wax and 20% Essential Oils it will help promote healthy hair Growth and lay the hair down with no problem.

If you want 360 waves quickly for thicker hair, condition your hair with a leave-in hair conditioner overnight. It will soften the hair and leave a natural shine.
Brush your hair all the time 400 Stroke method in the morning, Afternoon, and Evening never stop brushing your hair. In 30 Days for the thicker hair, you would notice a big difference.

For Number 1 Hair Type it should take up to 2 weeks. If you are using a pink oil moisturizer,

1. Pink Oil Moisturizer, After a Shower, apply as needed. Brush your hair in the desired wave pattern. Apply a Satin Durag for 30 minutes or when hair dries. Once the hair is dry, remove the durag and brush your hair continuously throughout the day. Try to put your durag on after every session.

When trying this method, you will notice a difference in 14 Days - Remember that growing 360 wave takes time, it doesn't happen overnight.

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