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Custom 360 Wave Brush King Scorpion 360 Wave Brush

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Custom Hand Crafted for the Novice, Brush Collector or Simply Someone Who Loves Great Woodwork & Craftmanship. King Scorpion 360 Wood 360 Wave Hair Brushes are Made One Brush at A Time Every Bristle placed by hand every piece of wood Hand Carved. Plus King Scorpion 360 Wave Brushes Are Made In The U.S.A. By V.Knight Crafter & Designer.

We Take Time Selecting The Best Piece of Wood for Each Hair Brush Creation, seeking to find the most beautiful piece that has beautiful grain pattern and texture one that shows the most charter. And once selected we begin the process of hand carving the King Scorpion 360 Wave Brush.

From beginning to end we take great pride in Hair Brush making seriously as well our Customer Service, King Scorpion 360 was designed to last a lifetime. Each Custom Made King Scorpion 360 Wave Brush Comes With A 1 Year Limited Warranty.

How long does it takes to get 360 waves?

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How long does it takes to get 360 waves?

Custom Fat Lace Unisex Velvet Du-Rags/Do-Rag/Turban/Hair Wrap

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