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Reversible Custom Fat-Lace Velvet Du-Rags King Scorpion 360 Velvet Durag Collection

King Scorpion 360 Crushed Velvet Reversible Custom Fat Lace Unisex Du-Rag, Hair Wrap, Turban are a great way to maintain deep wave pattern throughout the hair and to keep stubborn hair in place. Fat Lace String design easily wrap and tuck. Can be adjusted to cover the neck & side tapper area for complete coverage without the string line. Once the lace, (Fat Lace) is in place tighten the tail(Shark Tail) For a tighter crown fit. Plush Comfortable and easy to use.

Each Du-Rag, Hairwrap, Turban, has its unique logo design placement. King Scorpion 360 Custom Velvet Du-Rag comes either with Polyester, Gold, Platinum Embroidery King Scorpion 360 Logo and or Leather Metalic Crown Patch.

King Scorpion 360 Custom Velvet Du-Rag designed for All Wave Pattern Also could be used for:

Great For Maintaining and Keeping Hair In Place - Rather you are a beginner or a novice Waver Our Custom Velvet Du-Rag will give you results without a headache. For 360, 540, 720 Wave Pattern. Works Best With Uncle Jones Hair/Wave Pomade. Apply a small amount of Wave Pomade or Hair Conditioner brush in the desired wave pattern and apply King Scorpion 360 Velvet Du-Rag to Set. Don't forget the brushing session before applying.

Wigs & Extension - Protects Your Hair While You Sleep Placing King Scorpion Velvet Du-rag, Hair Wrap, Turban on before sleep will help eliminate loose wild ends.
Unisex- Great For Short or Long Hair.

Care & Maintenance Instruction:
Eventually, you would have to clean your du-rag. Washing Your Custom Velvet Du-Rag, Best results wash your du-rag in cold water (Separately). Only use clothing detergent if so with a color guard, Woolite.
For stubborn stains try soaking overnight in Woolite & cold water before washing.

Drying Instruction:
Dry Separately on Trumble or Air Dry for Best Results Add a Fabric Sheet to Retain Softness.

Shipping & Processing Time:
Process Time:  2-3 Days Before Item Ships
Shipping Time 1-3 Days
Estimated Total Days: 5 Days
Package insured for the total amount and requires a signature upon delivery.

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